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Training Center

A vocational school

SAF-FRO Training Center is located in the middle of the Center of Excellence from Pont Sainte Maxence in France.
This is a completely new and modern place where you will learn how to weld or how to cut in the most efficient way. You will take benefits of the well-known experience of SAF-FRO people from flame working to automatic welding&cutting.


✔ High-quality training given by welding professionals
✔ Courses adapted to your specific needs
✔ ISO 9001 version 2000 certification since 2006
✔ A complete range of courses to offer you the largest number of possibilities

A wide range of trainings

The courses cater to beginners and advanced users of all the methods marketed by SAF-FRO for manual and automatic processes. Brazing, braze-welding, oxyacetylene welding, coated electrode welding, TIG, MIG and MAG welding, flux-cored welding, submerged arc welding, plasma welding, micro plasma welding, plasma cutting and oxygen cutting are taught here.

Our courses are given inside the company or outside it. Their duration varies depending on the starting skills of the trainees and the objectives to be achieved.

Air Liquide Welding Training Center


Les Experts Air Liquide Welding à votre Service

Welder qualifications

You use a specific construction code or your customer has requirements relating to the qualifications of your welders?

The SAF-FRO Training Center can offer you courses for teaching advanced skills in all the usual methods so that your welders can pass the qualification test on a permanent in/out basis.

For several years, SAF-FRO has set up a partnership with the firm Bureau Veritas, which works in our premises or in customers' facilities to issue the welder qualifications required by our customers:

  • according to ISO EN 9606-1 and -2
  • according to EN 13585 / EN 14276
  • according to ATG B540-9
  • according to EN 14732 (EN 1418)

The acquisition of skills is formalised by qualification that is recognised in France and Europe, in addition to the course attendance attestation delivered by the Training Centre.