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The activity service of SAF-FRO

Skills and experience at your service.

The activity service is associated with manual and automatic welding and cutting machines in terms of maintenance, training, support to production... even closer to customers needs.


✔ A knowledge-recognized and business knowledge
✔ Quality training with dedicated technical means
✔ 80 SAF-FRO engineers at your service around the world
✔ A wide range of maintenance contract

Accompaniment the production start

Resource issues? Lack of expertise? We can help you!

SAF-FRO can help upstream a new manufacturing in:

  • Definition of the welding operations,
  • Assistance in implementation on site,
  • Support in achieving your QMOS,
  • Adjusting your settings.


After-sales service is made up of two centres of expertise, DEFI teams for manual machines & automatic methods. The benefits are many:

  • Service provided under a guarantee on the site or in our repair workshops
  • Identification of spare parts
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Expert technicians at your service

The preventive maintenance is a determining element for the proper working of welding and  cutting machines. A well maintained machine base offers the guarantee of long life and the avoidance of minor incidents and troubleshooting. The risk of incidents may be detected and corrected by our regional team of technicians when they carry out scheduled preventive maintenance on your site.

As part of contracts on automatic installations, you will get phone support from SAF-FRO remote service (videoconferencing machine).
This service will allow you to get in contact with an SAF-FRO specialist, knowing perfectly your equipment and who may help you to telephone troubleshooting (a camera and protected access to your numerical control improves remote diagnosis).

Torch management

Manufacturers who use welding and cutting technologies often have a major base of manual welding machines with torches (TIG welding, MIG/MAG welding and plasma cutting). The management of that torch base (procurement, repairs, wearing parts etc.) generates numerous operations that are time and energy consuming.

SAF-FRO offers you a choice of services (for bases with 10 torches and more) to make your life easier, while making sure your machines are available all the time. These services help improve your performance and make you more productive.

Torch Repairs package

A base of torches that are always in good working order and maintained by the manufacturer. Close control and excellent predictability of maintenance costs. Simplified management: the flexibility of an inclusive monthly rent. An annual bonus if the number of repairs or replacements during the year is below that included.

Torch Rental & Repairs

Simplified management: no investment, cost predictability over three years. Cost control and optimisation: all-inclusive monthly rent and the possibility of annual bonus.
A base of torches that is always in good working order.

Verification of Measurement Instruments

Your quality system or your clients require you track your welding parameters?
You weld using welding operating modes?

We can ensure verification of measuring instruments on our automatic welding or cutting machines.
Our measuring instruments are checked in accredited laboratories.

L'activité service d'Air Liquide Welding - Formation
The activity service of SAF-FRO - Training


Advance your skill level to better exploit opportunities your automatic welding or cutting machines.

SAF-FRO offers :

  • A knowledge-recognized and business knowledge,
  • Quality training with dedicated technical means,
  • Distance learning may be exempted on machines equipped with remote service,
  • Customizable training to your own needs,
  • A wide training panel provided within our technical training center or on site.

Automation retrofitting

Give a second life to your automatic welding or cutting machines.

Upgrading your installation, you will:

  • extend the lifetime of the equipment,
  • minimize some failures,
  • remove the risk of prolonged production shutdown due to lack of spare parts,
  • open up to new applications.


Who better than the manufacturer to help you transfer your equipment?

SAF-FRO can propose:

  • dismantling,
  • logistics management,
  • reassembly,
  • commissioning,
  • restart production.
L'activité service d'Air Liquide Welding - Centre d'appels
The activity service of SAF-FRO - Call Center

Call Center

Your system is down? You need a spare part? Looking for technical documentation? Have a technical question?

Contact our regional call center!

80 SAF-FRO engineers at your service around the world.