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Procedimento di saldatura TIG SAF-FRO

TIG Welding

Shielded arc welding

The TIG welding process enables you to obtain very high quality welding especially for demanding sectors of application, such as pressure vessels, pipelines, food industry containers and aviation.

SAF-FRO can provide a wide range of TIG AC/DC and DC power sources (SAXOTIG, PRESTOTIG II…). Our TIG rods offer covers non alloy steels (ALTIG SG1 & ALTIG SG2...), high alloy steels (ALTIG 316L...), and also other materials.

Principle of the process

The TIG process uses the heat generated by an electric arc between the metals to be joined and an infusible tungsten-based electrode, located in the welding torch. The arc area is shrouded in an inert or reducing gas shield to protect the weld pool and the tungsten electrode.
The filler metal as a rod is applied manually by the welder into the weld pool.
TIG welding is especially suited to sheet materials with thicknesses up to about 8 or 10 mm.

The metal transfer

Tig Welding metal transfer SAF-FRO

Manual installation diagram for TIG welding

Scheme of a manual installation for Tig Welding SAF-FRO

To know more about TIG welding

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