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Oxy-gas welding & cutting

Historical processes

Today, this process is used by plumbers, heating and refrigeration engineers, metal fabricators, security metalwork specialists and DIYers. It is most frequently used for brazing or braze-welding. Oxy-gas cutting is used chiefly in the metal structures demolition industry. This process uses an oxy-combustible flame and pure oxygen as the metal cutting jet.

SAF-FRO can provide a wide range of equipment for oxy-gas welding & cutting : Gas regulator (MANOBLOC, OXYJUNIOR…), cutting, heating & welding blowpipes such as the historical PYROCOPT G1 and the latest innovation SIRIOCOPT. Of course security devices, as SECURTOP flash back arrestors, equipped trolleys and gas manifolds are also part of our offers.

3 principles

  • Brazing
    It is an assembly operation obtained by only the presence of a filler metal different
    Assemble from the base metals. Brazing is carried out at the melting temperature of the filler metal, lower than the base metal one. The area of assembly, or in some cases the two parts to be assembled, must be brought to temperature.
  • Braze welding
    It is the operation in which the assembly is achieved step by step through technical analogous procedure to that of welding.
    The filler metal, made from brass, melts between 800°C and 930°C (depending on the alloy): this temperature can limit the deformation of thin thicknesses which serves to limit the evaporation of zinc during assembly of galvanized parts.
    A stripper is needed to promote wetting of the filler metal on the workpiece (powder, paste or directly spun on the rod).
  • Welding
    This is an assembly operation in which the metal parts to be assembled, said metal bases, participate fused together to form so-called joint welding. After matching, welding is carried out with or without filler metal, generally in the same way as base metal.

Scheme of an oxy-gas welding & cutting installation

Scheme of an oxy-gas welding & cutting installation SAF-FRO

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