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New PRESTOTIG 200 AC/DC TIG welder available

We're proudly introducing new PRESTOTIG 200 AC/DC Welder with best aluminium welding performance. Equipped with advanced TIG AC/DC functions such as four wave shapes, pulse and adjustable balance and offset is ideal for critical TIG welding applications. Innovative control system from the torch and simple panel with bright, highly readable digital display turns PRESTOTIG 200 AC/DC into extremely useful welding device which can be simply changed to a water cooled unit by adding the COOL ARC® 24 Water Cooler.

It can be also equipped with practical transportation cart which will accomodate complete water cooled PRESTOTIG 200 AC/DC set.


  ✔ Advanced TIG AC & DC Functions

Four wave shapes, Pulse, adjustable Balance and Offset, innovative and simple control panel, AC auto setting

 ✔ Superb arc performance

Excellent HF ignition, stable & fast arc, minimum current 2A

 ✔ 16A plug

Installed on the supply cable

 ✔ Generator compatible

Ideal for site use

 ✔ Cellulosic capability for stick

 ✔ Bright digital display

Easy set up buttons, 9 memories, new control from the TIG torch

 ✔ Energy efficient

1 phase buck-boost circuit for energy saving

 ✔ Robust design

Potted PCB’s, True HD design (special protection for use in harsh conditions)

 ✔ Best aluminium welding performance