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Air Liquide Welding talks to the “Infrastructure" market segment

Between 29th and 30th September 2016, Air Liquide Welding held its second convention dedicated to the “Infrastructure segment”. This event brought together over 100 participants, 66 of whom were customers, at our Centre of Excellence in Pont-Saint-Maxence, France.

The main focus of this event was to present solutions for the production of structural components and welded beams, starting from the initial plate cutting through to welding in manual, automatic and mechanized processes.

Over the course of these 2 days, different workshops were held, whereby customers were invited to attend presentations and demonstrations on accessories, equipment, carriages, flame tool ranges including our new rutile seamless flux-cored wires.

This event was also an opportunity to showcase our new SUBARC 7i installation, equipped with inverter STARMATIC 1200i AC/DC power source, as well as consumables. In addition, it was also a platform to demonstrate our cutting solutions, in particular the PLASMATOME HPC and EUROTOME 2.