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Soluzioni SAF-FRO per applicazioni di riporto duro


SAF-FRO solutions for hardfacing applications

Hardfacing (or hard-surfacing) is a metalworking process where harder or tougher metal is applied to a base metal. The general purpose of the procedure is to increase the resistance (to wear, to heat, to impact, to corrosion…..) of the base metal. It is also used to restore a worn-down surface of a part. It is widely used in various industrial fields (mining, steel manufacturing, sugar refinery, petrochemical, farming…) in order to extend the service life of components damaged by abrasion, impact, heat, corrosion or combination of these modes.

All common welding processes are used to perform hardfacing operations: MMA welding, TIG welding, MIG/MAG welding with solid wires or flux cored wires, Submerged Arc Welding but also oxy-fuel process, Plasma Transfer Arc Welding (PTWA) and Thermal spraying. The description of equipment necessary for arc welding processes is done in the here above unalloyed steel applications section.

A wide range of consumables for hardfacing

SAF-FRO offers a range of consumables to be used in hardfacing operations:

  • Flux Cored wires for MIG/MAG welding, as SAFDUAL 560   

The choice of the right consumables has to be done in accordance with the category of the base metal, with the mode of wear, with available equipment and with the required deposition rate. 
Contact our service engineers to help you in the choice of the best filler material.