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Stick electrode range for welding similar
austenitic Cr-Mo-Ni steels

SKYNOX E316L is a rutile double coated MMA electrode for welding similar austenitic Cr-Mo-Ni steels. The reduced welding fume (up to -40%) and the lower hexavalent Cr content (up to -60%) of the fume contribute to an improved working environment in your workshop, for all your workers.

Product Advantages

✔ Excellent striking and restriking
✔ Good wetting of the joint faces
✔ Advantageous in confined spaces and with limited fume extraction systems

Arc transfer is more stable and concentrated thanks to the double coated technology, with good wetting of the joint faces, finely-rippled bead surface, easy slag removal.
Under wet corrosion conditions suitable for operating temperature <400°C.

It meets the classifications:

  • EN ISO 3581-A: E 19 12 3 L R 22
  • AWS A5.4: E 316L-17

SKYNOX E316L – Chemical Analysis

  C Mn  Si P Cr Ni Mo Ferrite
All weld metal 0.03  0.8  1 0.025  0.01 19.5 10 2.7 (5-10)

SKYNOX E316L – Mechanical Properties

Heat Treatment Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
 Elongation A5 (%) Impact Energy ISO - V (J) 
As Welded ≥ 420  ≥ 520  ≥ 35 ≥ 50