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TIG rods range for aluminium alloys

ALTIG AlMg5 is a 5356 type aluminium solid TlG welding rod depositing Al-5Mg weld metal. Suitable for use with Ar, or Ar+He mixed shielding gases.

Product Advantages

✔ High yield strength
✔ High resistance to corrosion (including seawater)

ALTIG AlMg5 is used for the welding of Al-Mg alloys and Al-Mg-Zn alloys. The rod is also suitable for the welding of dissimilar aluminium alloy grades containing up to 5%Mg and components which are subsequently to be anodised.

ALTIG AlMg5 is the most widely used aluminium welding wire. TIG rod that deposits a 5% Magnesium aluminum alloy. Suitable for welding alloys like Peraluman and Anticorodal.

It meets the classifications:

  • EN ISO 18273: S Al 5356 (AlMg5Cr(A))
  • AWS A5.10: ER 5356

ALTIG AlMg5 – Chemical Analysis

Al Si  Mn Mg Cr Ti Cu Fe
Rem 0.2   0.1 5  0.1 0.1 0.1 0.3

ALTIG AlMg5– Mechanical Properties

Heat Treatment Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
 Elongation A5 (%)
As Welded ≥ 110  ≥ 240  ≥ 17