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TIG rods range for stainless and heat resistant steels

ALTIG 316L is a W 19 12 3L/ER 316L type solid TIG welding rod depositing a low C-19Cr12Ni2.6Mo weld metal. Suitable for use mainly with Ar shielding gas. ALTIG 316L is used for the welding of 316 and 316L grade stainless steel.

Product Advantages

✔ Good resistance to crevice corrosion by oxidising acids

ALTIG 316L is used for a wide range of applications including pipework and plate fabrication, vessel production...
The weld metal has good resistance to crevice corrosion by oxidising acids. Type AISI 316L stainless steel bar.
Suitable for welding stainless steels with similar chemical composition. Used in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

It meets the classifications:

  • EN ISO 14343-A: W 19 12 3L
  • AWS A5.9: ER 316L A

ALTIG 316L – Chemical Analysis

  C Mn  Si P Cr Ni Mo
All weld metal 0.02  1.4  0.45 ≤ 0.025   ≤ 0.020 19 12.5 2.6

ALTIG 316L – Mechanical Properties

Heat Treatment Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
 Elongation A5 (%) Impact Energy ISO - V (J) 
        20°C (-120°C)
As Welded ≥ 350  ≥ 510  ≥ 30 ≥ 80 ≥ 32