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MIG-MAG solid wires non alloyed steel FILCORD SAF-FRO


MIG MAG solid wires range for C-Mn steels

FILCORD is a copper coated G2Si/ER70S-3 type solid MAG welding wire supplied both random and precision layer wound, depositing C-0.8%Mn weld metal, for welding a wild range of mild and C-Mn structural steels.

Product Advantages

✔ Excellent mechanical properties

Suitable for welding with CO2 or Ar-based mixed shielding gases. FILCORD is used mainly for single pass welding and for steels that have a rusty or dirty surfaces. FILCORD is a copper coated solid wire suitable for welding in CO2 or mixed shielding gases.

It meets the classifications:

  • EN ISO 14341-A: G 38 3 C1 2Si
  • EN ISO 14341-A: G 42 3 M21 2Si
  • AWS A5.18: ER 70S-3

FILCORD – Chemical Analysis

  C Mn  Si P
All weld metal 0.07 0.9 0.5 ≤ 0.025 ≤ 0.025

FILCORD – Mechanical Properties

Heat Treatment Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
 Elongation A5 (%) Impact Energy ISO - V (J) 
As Welded ≥ 420  480-550  ≥ 22           ≥ 90