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Cutting blowpipe_SIRIOCOPT_SAF-FRO


The new cutting blowpipe: ergonomic and innovative

SIRIOCOPT is the new ergonomic and innovative cutting blowpipe designed and produced by SAF-FRO. The innovation takes place in the aluminum handle which integrates a quick coupling inlet (QUICKMATIC II) connection allowing a perfect maneuverability and a very simply connection and disconnection for the welder.

Product Advantages

✔ Maneuverability
✔ Easy to install with quick connection
✔Ergonomic design to facilitate preemption
✔ Safety
✔ Made in Europe
✔ EN ISO 5172 compliance
✔ Gas mixing in the cutting nozzle


A new handle that changes everything:

More comfort…
   With an ergonomic aluminium handle

More safety…
   Easy coupling on integrated and protected quick connections.

More maneuverability…
   Pipes are not a burden to the user.The free rotation of the connections prevents the
   pipes torsion.

SIRIOCOPT range is an international range available for 3 types of cutting nozzle (G1, IC and H1F). And thanks to the inlet quick coupling (QUICKMATIC II), requirements of the local standards are met.

SIRIOCOPT is designed and produced by our Verona Plant. It is compliant with the EN ISO 5172.

100% of SIRIOCOPT are tested in pressure and with flame lightning before shipping, in order to eliminate risk of leakage and to guarantee its performances.


Usine de production flamme de Vérone

Technical features

Cutting Nozzle G1 IC H1F
Head Angle 90°C or 120 ° 90°C or 120 ° 90°C or 120 °
Length 500 mm to 2100 mm      500 mm to 2100 mm  500 mm to 2100 mm
Use gas OX / AD / GPL OX / AD / GPL OX / AD / GPL
Cutting valve

Lever or Knob

Lever or Knob

Lever or Knob


Male quick coupling

Male quick coupling

Male quick coupling

Pressure setting

OX: 6 Bars
Fuel Gas: 0,5 Bar

OX: 6 Bars
Fuel Gas: 0,5 Bar

OX: 6 Bars
Fuel Gas: 0,5 Bar

Cutting Capacity 3 - 300 mm 3 - 300 mm 3 - 150 mm