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EN 1090

SAF-FRO consumables and equipment
solutions for EN 1090 certification.

From the 1st of july 2014, EN 1090 replaces all the nationals Standards in Metallic construction field. For example DIN 18800/7 und DIN V4113/3 in Germany or NF P 22-471 in France are replaced by EN 1090. The EN 1090 certification is mandatory for all the metallic constructors.

There is 5 steps to before getting ready for your EN 1090 certification:

    - 1. Information research, in order to get familiarise with the standard and also to find in which execution class are you producing?
    - 2. Introducing a factory control system
    - 3. Your staff training
    - 4. Drawing up your WPS
    - 5. Audit in order to get your certification

SAF-FRO consumables (tested consumable WPS generator software) and equipments (a package of ready to use WPS) solutions will help you to drawing up your WPS in an easiest way.


✔ Fastest way to get prepared for en 1090 certification
✔ Covers over 80 % of applications based on EN ISO 15612 and EN ISO 15610
✔ Both solutions, consumables and equipment, are very easy to use
✔ SAF-FRO unique solution: the WPS software generator

EN 1090 certification made easy

Drawing up WPS: use SAF-FRO solutions

Because drawing up a WPS needs special competences, time and money, SAF-FRO has done a WPS package (based on EN ISO 15612) and a tested consumable WPS generator software (based on EN ISO 15610).

What is a WPS?

WPS: In order to be certified, a producer must have a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) in which all the welding steps of an assembly is listed (welding parameters, passes, gas, consumable…). A WPS is done in the field of application of a WPQR.

A standard WPS is only valid for The EXC 1 and 2 (Cf. Table N° 12 of the EN-1090-2 Standard). For EXC 3 and 4 the manufacturer has to have a personal WPQR.

What is a WPQR?

WPQR: Welding Procedure Qualification Record, is a qualified welding procedure. The qualification is done by a notified body (TÜV, BV, IS…).

Each WPQR has a field of application, which allows the user to change the thickness, the based material etc.. To have a standard WPS. The field of application is defined in the standard (EN 15614-1:2009).